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APEC: SiC power and improved cloud-based power tools

Search capabilities have been improved, and there is a carousel-style menu that allows compatible devices and boards to be selected, said the firm: “Engineers are able to narrow down viable component and systems solutions options and be confident of system performance before committing to sourcing hardware and completing their designs.”

Demonstrations at APEC include a silicon carbide (SiC) 11kW 100kHz three-phase full bridge PFC (power factor corrector) demonstrator built around On’s NVHL080N120SC1 SiC mosfet (1,200V, >30A, ~80mΩ, TO247) and NCP51705 gate driver – which includes a charge-pump to create a negative bias to include SiC mosfet turn-off.

OnSemi-eFuseOn Semi eFuse

Also on display will be an eFuse, ‘smart passive sensors’ for industrial automation, a high density USB-PD (power delivery) solution, an active-clamp flyback circuit and motor driver power modules.

To promote Strata, a paper ambitiously called ‘Satisfying the pressured designer’s wish list with all the right tools in just one toolbox’ will be presented (19 March 1:30pm Room 303AB).

Another presentation is: ‘Performance, reliability and yield considerations in state-of-the-art SiC diode and mosfet technologies during ramp-up’ (Wednesday 20 March 2pm, check location)